Information for English speaking customers

We receive many enquiries from non-German speaking costumers. Here we answer some of them.

Will there be an English translation of the website?

No. Even if we provide some information in English, our contract language is German. You will receive all documents made for German finance laws. Of course you can add comments in English (only English, we won't try to understand Swedish ;)) and we will reply in English, but the official order process & documents are in German only. There will be no exception.

Is there international shipping?

Yes. Please remember to select the correct country while placing your order.

Note that we do not offer worldwide shipping. If you live outside of the European Union, do not try to select a random European country and send us a message with a non-European postal address. We have to cancel such orders.

What are the international shipping costs?  

Country Shipping costs Tracking? Shipping times
Austria from 4,60 € Yes 2-4 Days
Belgium 7,90 € Yes 3-4 Days
Bulgaria 7,90 € Yes 4-6 Days
Czech Rep. 8,50 € Yes 2-4 Days
Croatia 7,50 € Yes 4-8 Days
Denmark from 4,90 € Yes 3-4 Days
Estonia 8,60 € Yes 4-6 Days
Finnland 7,90 € Yes 3-4 Days
France 7,90 € Yes 3-4 Days
Greece 7,90 € Yes 3-5 Days
Country Shipping costs Tracking? Shipping times
Hungary 8,70 € Yes 3-5 Days
Ireland 7,90 € Yes 2-4 Days
Italy 7,90 € Yes 2-4 Days
Luxemburg 7,90 € Yes 2-4 Days
Latvia 9,50 € Yes 4-8 Days
Lithuania 9,50 € Yes 4-8 Days
Netherlands from 4,60 € Yes 2-4 Days
Poland 9,50 € Yes 2-4 Days
Portugal 8,20 € Yes 3-5 Days
Rumania 8,20 € Yes 3-5 Days
Country Shipping costs Tracking? Shipping times
Sweden 8,70 € Yes 3-5 Days
Slowakia 8,70 € Yes 3-5 Days
Slowenia 8,70 € Yes 3-5 Days
Spain 7,20 € Yes 2-4 Days
Switzerland 7,50 € Yes 3-5 Days
UK 7,50 € Yes 3-4 Days
For our Swiss customers:

We are exempt from VAT. You will not receive German VAT on import as we do not list it.

Is there a less expensive way to send it? 

There is, but we made some very bad experiences with sending a package without tracking. So we will not send anything without tracking anymore. Thank you for your understanding. 

My country is not listed, what can I do? 

We do not ship to countries which are not listed in our order form. Please do not choose another country and try to place your order. We have to cancel these orders. 

I am a reseller, what about a VAT refund? 

Our shop is made for private costumers. According to the small business regulation („Kleinunternehmerregelung“) we do not charge VAT on our invoices. Each purchase is a private purchase. 

Help needed?

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail in either German or English. Our contract language is German. All invoices will only be issued in German.